Functional Prototyping

for fast moving product teams


Functional Prototyping

Product teams are often hyper focused on an execution centric development cycle. We can work in parallel to help explore solutions without sidetracking your team.

Interactive data visualizations
Dashboard need a redesign?
Complex user flows
Don't let UX flaws hide in flat mockups
Thoughtful micro interactions
Add a finishing touch to your hard work

Micro App Development

So you've got a powerful platform and can't cram all the functionality into your app. We can build a complimentary micro app to help your users with specific needs.

Built with Vue.js
Your reactive app will be modern
Hosted on Firebase
Because it needs to be fast and scalable
Access to the code
Want to bring the app in-house? No poblem!



Kickoff Meeting

We generally like spending at least an hour kicking things off. In addition to introductions, this is a great way for us to demo the product, learn the space from the team and start the Q&A process. In some cases we'll start talking about ideas and solutions but the main goal is to learn.


We find that great ideas rarely reveal themselves during traditional brainstorming sessions. Instead, we prefer to let ideas come to us naturally in the days or weeks following the initial kickoff. When an idea sparks, we capture it and initiate a discussion with your team. Slack works wonderfully for this and is strongly recommended. We can also use email or other old fashioned communication tools if necessary.


Once we discover ideas that you'd like to explore, the prototyping phase begins. We'll schedule intense 3 hour sessions. The goal is to produce at least 1 functional prototype. In most cases, we're able to produce multiple variations.

Whenever we finish an iteration, we'll post it to Slack (or email) to get realtime feedback as we work. The idea is not to go off in some dungeon for a week and eventually reveal high res prototypes. We want to take advantage of your team's expertise and involve you in the process.


Follow along as we explore new product concepts in our Version One Newsletter. Every edition walks you through the entire process from raw idea to functional prototype.

Our first edition will be delivered on May 1st.



  • Why prototype?
  • Shouldn't my product team be responsible for prototypes?
  • Do you need access to our code base?
  • How do you collaborate with our team?
  • What are typical deliverables?
  • How do we turn successful prototypes into real features?
  • Do you work with existing ideas or require a blank slate?
  • How will you get up to speed in our industry?

Micro Apps

  • What is a micro app?
  • Why do I need a micro app?
  • Will we be able to choose the tech stack?
  • Who hosts the app?
  • How much will you charge to host the app?
  • What about a database? Can I require users to signup for my micro app?
  • Will our dev team be able to contribute?
  • How will the app be maintained?

Dane Lyons

Dane Lyons


After spending the last 15 years working as a product engineer, I've realized how important it is to prototype. It's almost impossible to figure everything out before implementation begins. This usually leads to teams being forced to invest expensive dev cycles to adapt to incorrect assumptions. I firmly believe teams should explore solutions and make mistakes in an environment where the cost of change is minimal. The difference can be hours of extra work versus weeks or in some cases, months.