Micro Apps, Macro Possibilities

Apps become too complicated in their pursuit of being everything to everyone. I favor brutal, yet pleasant simplicity. Utility is the superhero. Design is the sidekick.

That's why I started v1Labs, a micro app studio, to build better solutions to more problems, one use case at a time.

Follow my progress on Makerlog & Hackernoon. Or ping me on Twitter to pitch an idea, sponsor a project, or collaborate.

Dane Lyons
v1Labs Maker

The Pleasant Box

Designed to empower women interested in fitness, nutrition, and business. Evy posts workouts on Instagram 3-5 times per week and will soon start a podcast series.

The first version of The Pleasant Box is a custom CMS built with NextJS and hosted on Vercel. Our content parser makes it easy to add slideshows and other use case specific design elements.

The Pleasant Box
Evy Lyons
Pleasant Box Founder


To get value out of Twitter, it is necessary to follow people in order to build a quality activity stream. The challenge is figuring out who to follow. Recommendations on Twitter are decent but lack transparency.

Vennly is a tool to search for the intersecting social graph of 2-5 people. Say you want to add more design content to your feed, just search for a few Twitter designers you trust and see who they trust.

Austin Pocus
Vennly Maker